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The Theory of Change

10+ yrs 

Improved knowledge of & demand

for CE activities, pan Africa

5+ yrs 

Improved policy & business ecosystem for initiating & implementing CE activities in member countries 

1+ yrs 

Comprehensive view of CE

readiness & way forward for

member countries  

About ACEA

The African Circular Economy Alliance was conceived in 2016 during the World Economic Forum with the mindset of developing Africa’s circular economy ecosystem while capitalizing on its development opportunities.


ACEA is a government-led coalition of African nations with a mission to spur Africa's transformation to a circular economy that delivers economic growth, jobs, and positive environmental outcomes.


The Alliance serves as a platform that supports the transition to a circular economy at the national, regional, and continental levels through:

  • policy development

  • leadership and advocacy

  • support in scaling CE businesses and projects.

Membership of ACEA


New members

Founding members

In 2017 The ACEA was launched with three member countries: Rwanda, South Africa and Nigeria.


In 2019, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire joined the Alliance. In 2021 Benin, Burkina Faso, and Sudan also became members.

burkina faso.png

Secretariat hosted by:

"We believe that the circular economy presents Africa with the opportunity to grow and use its natural resources efficiently while remaining low in emissions. Centralized platforms like the African Circular Economy Alliance will build the momentum for circular economy engagement and foster continental and regional partnerships."

Dr. Anthony Nyong,

Director of Climate Change and Green Growth,

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