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News & Upcoming Events

Numerous side events putting the Circular Economy on the spotlights at COP 28

The circular economy is key to address climate crisis impacts while driving sustainable development, creating new economic opportunities, and addressing pressing environmental challenges.

COP 28.png

Join our partners’ side events at COP 28 and gain valuable insights into the potential of circular economy through engaging presentations and interactive discussions.

Advancing Circular Economy for Climate Resilience in Africa

ACEF and ACEA will jointly host a session with The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) that will present the circular economy as a framework for a more resilient and sustainable future for Africa. 

11 DEC Bis-01-2.jpg

The session will bring together diverse stakeholders to explore the critical intersection of circular economy and climate resilience. Efforts that have been made on the African continent to push the circular economy agenda will be showcased, with a concrete call on stakeholders to join in with various contributions. 

Other side events related to Circular Economy 

The 2023 ACEA annual meeting held in Nairobi during the Africa Climate Week 

ACEA meeting.jpeg

The ACEA secretariat hosted the meeting with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) through the Global Opportunities for Sustainable Development Goals (GO4SDGs) initiative. Through this Annual Meeting, ACEA continued to promote and encourage African countries to transition to a circular economy. The meeting also welcomed Chad and Mauritius as new members of the Alliance, which currently has 13 member governments.

Link to the full article here

Circular Economy highlighted at the Africa Climate Week 2023 as a strategy to reach climate objectives

The African Development Bank, through its Multi-donor Trust Fund, the Africa Circular Economy Facility (ACEF), and the African Circular Economy Alliance (ACEA), organised a session on Financing Circular Economy Roadmaps during the Africa Climate Week 2023 . This discussed leveraging climate finance opportunities in national circular economy roadmaps.

4 th December
10:00 - 11:00 GST

Blue Zone,
Finland pavilion

Digital for critical minerals: embracing circularity for a low-carbon future

The Government of Netherlands & Nokia

4 th December
11:30 - 12:45 GST

Blue Zone
EIB/BeNeLux Pavilion

Financing the circularity gap

The Netherlands, Ministry for Environment & the Circle Economy Foundation

5th Dec
14:15 -15:15 GST

Green Zone
Greening Education Hub, Mobility Pavilion

Enabler for Youth to Participate in a Just and Green Transition – Strategies for Engagement, Policy and Research

Esther Goodwin Brown, Circle Economy Foundation speaking on youth, skills and institutional capacity


6th Dec
10:30-11:20 GST

Blue Zone
Just Transition Pavillion

Achieving a just transition to a circular

Circle Economy Foundation, ILO, World Bank

10th Dec
14:45 – 16:00 GST

Blue Zone
Japan Pavillion

Enhancing circular actions through Circular Economy and Resource Efficiency Principles  & Global Circularity Protocol 

Ministry of the Environment of Japan,  World Economic Forum & World Business Council for Sustainable Development

ACEF case statement.png

The event highlighted the need for a holistic, multi-sector approach in promoting the circular economy. National and regional Circular Economy Roadmaps are valuable tools to create a shared vision and an implementable strategy to reach it.

Furthermore, they enable resource mobilisation and predictable national and regional policy frameworks for the private sector to act.

Link to the full article here

Transition to circular economy discussed with private sector in Kenya


A delegation from the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Government of Finland, the Nordic Development Fund, the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, and the African Circular Economy Alliance met with the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA), in January. The discussions were focused on the areas of synergy between the African Development Bank,  through the African Circular Economy Facility (ACEF) and the Sustainable Inclusive Business of the KEPSA. AfDB is keen on supporting countries in a swift transition to a circular economy while Sustainable Inclusive Business is focused on enabling the realization of the transition through waste management issues, recycling opportunities, incubating business solutions, designing alternatives and communicating to raise awareness, change behaviour and educate positively.

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